To Maria.

We have your speeches. We have your memoir. You left no pictures. You left no offspring. Yet, you were here. You remind us that a woman is defined not by her father, not by her husband, not by her sons. She is defined by how many times she felt a tug in her spirit to act. And did so. 

This blog examines the complexity within the lives of women of African descent living in the Americas. Through examining the lives of specific black women (their roots, their passions, their successes and downfalls) we come to a more comprehensive understanding of religion, society, culture, and history in America and the way race, gender, and socio-economic circumstances contribute to that understanding. 

free [free

ADJECTIVE pertaining to or reserved for those who enjoy personal liberty

ORIGIN before 900; Middle English fre, Old English frēo; cognate with Gothic freis,Old High German frī (German frei), Dutch vrij, Sanskrit priyá- dear.

agent [ey-juh nt] 

NOUN a person or thing that acts or that has the power to act

ORIGIN 1570-80; < Latin agent- (stem of agēns (present participle) doing), equivalent to ag- (root of agere to do)